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Healing-Centered Illinois Task Force

The Healing-Centered Illinois Task Force promotes trauma-informed and healing-focused efforts across the state.

In 2023, the Justice, Equity, and Opportunity (JEO) Initiative convened a group of subject-matter experts to advance Illinois’ adoption of a more trauma-informed and healing-centered justice system.

The group developed legislative language for Senate Bill 646 which officially passed on August 11, 2023, creating the Task Force for a Healing-Centered Illinois Act. The Act designates Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton as Chair of the Task Force, ensuring continuity and support from the JEO Initiative within the Lt. Governor’s Office.

One of the Task Force’s primary objectives is to create and promote alignment among trauma-informed and healing-focused efforts across Illinois. The Task Force will facilitate universal engagement, coordination of existing projects, identification of growth areas relating to inter-generational trauma and its impact, and the re-structuring of how trauma-informed principles are applied to the policymaking process. At its conclusion, the Task Force will propose a thorough blueprint to move Illinois towards becoming a healing-centered state.

The Task Force launched January 30, 2024.

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